Press Brake

Press Break Machine Merchant

Press brake also known as brake press is a machine tool for bending sheet and plate material mostly metal sheet. It forms predetermined bends by holding tightly the work piece between a matching punch and die. These tools are manufactured using premium quality raw materials. The tool is technically advanced and perfectly designed tool. They consume less power and require least maintenance. These tools have features like high accuracy, better velocity and minimum erosion. Our hardy, user friendly and durable instrument for pressing are easy to function. They are vibration free and silent. There are numerous models that suit our customer's requirements. These press brakes are commonly used in various industrial segments. Brake press is versatile workshop machinery applied in metal industries for bending metal plates and sheets of various thicknesses. The size available are :- 1525 mm to 4000 mm

Major Specifications

Press Brake ModelOverall Press Brake Machine Size (inch)Dia of Screw (inch)Thickness of M.S Plate used in side(mm)RamCross-Sectional Blade (inch)Size of BarGirder (inch)No of sits in Bar
    (inch) (inch)  
PB-2252030X 1.612205032252507.5
PB-3652030 X 412207632402757.5
PB-4802540 X 3.25170076324027510
PB-51002540 X 4.5170076304027515
PB-71202540 X 6170076304030020
PB-81402540 X 6142076304035025
PB-91603125 X 6190076304035025
PB-102003125 X 8190076304035030