Pillar Drill Machine

Pilar Drill Machine Exporter

The pillar drill has a smaller version with a shorter pillar – this is often called Bench Drill as both depend on the worktable moving up and down the supporting pillar. But Pillar drill is quite different from bench drill as pillar drills are full machines that feature a sliding column that is operated by a rotating handle. Pillar drills utilize a base plate on the floor, and they have their own working tables, so they do not require additional equipment to operate. The sizes they are available in are:- 13mm, 19mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm

Major Specifications

Drilling Capacity in M. S.131919
Tapping Capacity in M. S.------14
Spindle Travel80130130
Spindle TaperMT-1MT-2MT-2
No. of Spindle Speeds500 - 282586 - 336086 - 3320
No. of Feeds------Fine feed /Without
Column Diameter46.173.887
Max. Dis. Centre to Column152200378
Max. Dist. Spindle Nose to Table356710585
Max. Dist. Spindle Nose to Base Plate510925980
Working Surface of Table215 x 222267 x 270395 x 395
Working Surface of Base Plate235 x 370495 x 310645 x 375
Electric Motor0.5 HP 1440 RPM0.75HP 1440 RPM1 HP 1440 RPM
Overall Dimensions725 x 375 x 3251275 x 675 x 4251275 x 725 x 395
Net Weight44 Kgs.101 Kgs.205 Kgs.
Wooden Case Dimensions775 x 410 x 3551350 x 710 x 4651275 x 725 x 395
MODELAMI - 25AMI - 32AMI - 38
Drilling Capacity in Steel253238
Spindle Centre to Column206254325
Max. Travel Spindle133152--
Max. Dist. Spindle Nose to Table710810685
Max. Dist. Spindle Nose to Base95011201065
Diameter of Table336381545
Base Area (Machined)304 x 330710 x 445450 x 600
Column Diameter90108130
Total Height of the Machine160617781814
No. of Spindle Speeds--------------4 direct & 4 Geared--------------  
Spindle Nose BoreMT-3MT-3MT-4
Spindle Speed with 1440 RPM Motor--------------82 to 2425--------------  
Electric Motor1 HP1.5 HP2 HP
Gross Weight310 Kgs.650 Kgs.940 Kgs.
Net Weight180 Kgs.250 Kgs.550 Kgs.
Wooden Case Dimensions1850 x 700 x 5202250 x 850 x 6502450 x 1000 x 800