Medium Duty Lathe Machine

Medium Duty Lathe Machine Supplier

Rajkot Machine Tools offer high quality Medium Duty Lathe Machine to meet all your requirements. They are highly versatile and durable. Our instruments are built using recent technology to promise enhanced performance and durability. These devices are useful for accurately machining relatively hard objects. All geared medium duty tools include PRH 250/300 and PRH 175/200 models. Industries such as ship building, mining, textile, oil etc.; and power plants, repairing shops, steel rolling mills, workshops, paper mills, tool room, etc. use this equipment. The device is featured with gear box for superior, quick and flawless performance. The lathe requires less maintenance and is long lived.

Major Specifications

SM-11370 mm405 mm575 kg
SM-21600 mm635 mm650 kg
SM-31830 mm865 mm675 kg
ABC*= Admit Between Center | Weight** = Approximate Weight ( AVAILABLE SIZE UPTO 42' )