Light Duty Lathe Machine

Light Duty Lathe Machine Exporter

Rajkot Machine Tools offer high quality Light Duty Lathe Machine to meet all your requirements. There is flawlessly design of lathes giving tight tolerances. Lots of metal cutting works can be tried out using this equipment. It serves the purpose of transforming metal work resources into variant shapes over pre-determined dimensions. It is easy to operate and eradicates many complexities which are present in manual metal shaping. Highly corrosion resistant and higher grade metals make it easy to maintain it and give high durability. It provides smooth performance and has sturdy construction.

Major Specifications

SL-11370 mm635 mm430 kg
SL-21600 mm865 mm470 kg
SL-31830 mm1090 mm490 kg
ABC*= Admit Between Center | Weight** = Approximate Weight ( AVAILABLE SIZE UPTO 42' )